Aho, My name is Izzy Wind dancer, also known as the sound magician.


My passion is sound and sound healing, and I like to do it with Nada Naga and so many different people and cultures on earth. My experiences gives me inspiration that I can use during the dream time concerts with Nada Naga. One of the most important things of my live is Nada Naga and Sound. Because during the concerts I heal people, and also I heal myself. Music is a language understand by everybody in the world, my personal experience on this case is very valuable. My definition for music is, Rhythm is food for the body, Sound for the heart, Composition for the Soul! All this are components of the concerts of Nada Naga. My contribute to the concerts is playing on the digeridoo, singing bowls, Chinese Gongs etc. I love to meet you on one of our concerts.